New year; new decor trends

Posted 03 January 2017

With 2016 now behind us and (hopefully) an end to a year of doom and gloom, it’s time for a fresh start in 2017. And what better way to help you get inspired and in the zone for a productive year than to give your home a bit of a makeover. Here we explore the trends that are all set to takeover interiors this year.



Terracotta tiles don’t just belong in the Spanish villas we visit during the summertime. The past year may have been all about combining ultra-modern cool colours with white-washed walls, but during 2017 it is warmer tones that can be used to welcome in the spring. Start now and you’ll be well prepared by the time the chill of winter starts to shrink away for another year.

As well as adding terracotta tiles to your floor for a homely, natural and practical finish, forward thinking interior design enthusiasts will be using this rustic look to decorate the walls of their living areas and bathrooms too. Creating feature walls isn’t a new trend by any means but using an all-natural, matte finished terracotta is certainly an interior design upgrade that will keep you ahead of the curve.



Not traditionally seen as the most stylish material in previous years, the use of cork extends to more than just the odd notice board here and there. Cork is a versatile material that can add warmth and texture to spaces large and small. For living spaces that are on the larger side, cork has excellent sound absorbing qualities which makes it a stylish and practical choice for open plan areas in particular. Team cork up with other natural materials like stone to create a stunning feature in any room.


Jewel tones

Pastel tones like pink and baby blue may have been all the rage in 2016, but it’s time for these softer shades to move over. Jewel tones that take influence from metallic surfaces and gemstones are an excellent way to add a luxurious and romantic touch to any space. Using transparent, flowing and sheer materials in jewel tones can add opulence to large and small areas within your home. Use in tandem with white washed walls to create an understated backdrop that lets each individual piece shine and sparkle as intended.


Dark green hues

The glitz and glam of the jewel tone trend may not be for everyone, but the use of dark green hues is a great way to stay on-trend with next season’s must-have interior colour. Try using it to create a feature wall or add a statement piece of furniture in this colour to style up your living space.

However you wish to use dark green, combining this strong, staple colour with tan leathers, furs, brass fixtures and linen offers a stunning and striking twist on the rustic Scandinavian look that seems certain to be popular in the year ahead.


Bedroom upholstery

Simple furniture choices are out for 2017, with upholstered statement pieces the weapon of choice for those looking to add drama to their bedroom for the New Year. Upholstered bed headboards offer an easy way to capitalise on this trend. No longer do these pieces belong solely in boutique hotels and celebrity pads, now you can add your own touch of lavishness in one room that deserves to be a glamourous and luxurious sanctuary.

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