5 essential items every modern home needs to promote wellbeing

Posted 13 May 2016

Minimalism and open plan rooms are known to be able to help calm the mind through uncluttered living, with blank walls, signature ornaments and clear floors all improving the sense of light and space in a house.

That's not to say however, that you should live in a stark, Spartan shell. Besides, there are some items that are simply essential to transform a house into a home. It's all about balance.

With that in mind, here are five essentials for the minimalist home where wellbeing is placed at a premium.


A good quality blanket in the living room

This really should go without saying, but a living room without a good quality blanket is just a room. Even if you keep it tucked away behind the sofa, you owe it to yourself to own a good blanket to snuggle down under and get cosy in on the darkest of nights and sickest of days off. Just because it's a reasonably thick and comfortable blanket doesn't mean that it can't also be stylish, and if anything the right choice of colour and pattern could enhance the room as a signature piece of furniture.


Art you love

The key to the perfect minimalist design is not to strip the house of any personality but to use specific pieces of furniture and art to accentuate the style, providing focal points that stand out more than if they were surrounded by knick-knacks and paraphernalia. Well-placed art is a good example, and placing pieces that have particular resonance to you in the home will make a real impact. Maybe you’ve collected it on your travels, maybe you made it, or maybe you just saw it in the gallery or shop and had to have it. Whatever the story, a pairing of minimalism and art gets the most out of both.


A designated dressing area

Perhaps the most indulgent item on our list, but important nevertheless. Wellbeing is as much about taking time for oneself as anything else. For those of us with busy lives, having a few moments to collect our thoughts in the morning and enjoy calm and tranquility before the anarchy ahead can be crucial. 

A dressing area can provide this solace. Whether you have your own luxurious area - such as the ones offered in Trivselhus by Esh designs - or you simply adapt a space to make it the hub for the morning make-up ritual, it is incredible how much of a difference that down-time can make.


Stylish lamps or candles

The enhanced natural light of a minimalist style will only get you so far through the day before you have to surrender and switch to alternative methods. A strong statement lamp, either free-standing or on a tabletop, can give the room a glow whilst also looking fantastic. There's also a wealth of style options that you can choose depending on if you want your lamp to blend into the surroundings for peak-chic or stand out as a quirk of design.


An inspiring bookcase

Whilst minimalism may promote decluttering, there should always be allowances made for books. Some would argue that a well-stocked bookcase should have its place in absolutely every home, and it's hard to disagree. You can always organise your books well in a stylish bookcase to help them fit in with the minimalist theme, but a bookcase full of the novels and tomes that have helped you grow, learn and love is a sure sign of a house becoming a home.


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