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Buying a new home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, so we are happy to go the extra mile to give you peace of mind and iron out any concerns. 

We employ a dedicated team of professional homemakers who are fully trained to provide support every step of the way when it is time to make your dream a reality.

We are happy to help at all stages from house hunting to the sale and beyond. We will help you get the final details exactly right so your new Trivselhus by Esh home is as ready as you are for the move of a lifetime. We appreciate that each buyer is different so we will offer the best advice for your particular circumstances.

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Don’t miss out on a new Trivselhus by Esh home. With Homemover you can reserve your new home, while we find a buyer for your old house.

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Consumer Code

The Consumer Code for Home Builders came into force on the 1st April 2010 to make sure you are treated fairly.

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Customer Charter

The Trivselhus by Esh commitment to the best possible customer care is summed up in our Customer Charter.

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10 Year Warranty

Faults are rare, but the checkmate warranty guarantees our workmanship for the next 10 years to give you peace of mind.

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Homemover from Trivselhus by Esh is a full service assisted sales scheme that allows you to commit to buy a Trivselhus by Esh home while we find a buyer for your old house.

We aim to find a buyer within a matter of weeks using our specialist market knowledge and experience. We will arrange the valuation of your present house and pay all the selling costs that you'd normally incur with an estate agent. It doesn’t’ matter if you want to buy a bigger or smaller house, Homemover could work for you. 

Consumer Code

The Consumer Code came into force on the 1st April 2010. It sets mandatory requirements that all Home Builders must meet in their marketing and selling of Homes and their after sales customer service.

The purpose of the Consumer Code is to ensure that Home Buyers:
•    are treated fairly
•    know what service levels to expect
•    are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions
•    know how to access speedy, low cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied

This code of conduct sets mandatory requirements that all Home Builders must meet in their marketing and selling of Homes and their after sales customer service. If a builder fails to meet these requirements it could be subject to sanctions.

What is covered by the Code?

The Code covers every stage of the home-buying process - pre-purchase ,pre-contract, exchange of contract and occupation.


Home buyers must be given enough information to help them make an informed decision about the purchase of a new home. This must include:
•    a written reservation agreement – including the reservation fee, what is being sold, the purchase price and how long the price remains valid
•     an explanation of the insurance-backed home warranty cover
•     if the home is not yet complete (for example when buying off-plan) buyers will be provided with a brochure or plan showing the layout, appearance and plot position of the home, a list of the home's contents and standards to which the home is being built
•     a description of any management services that the buyer must pay for and an estimate of their cost

Exchange of Contract

The builder must provide a contract which is clear and fair, complies with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, and clearly explains the home buyer’s contract termination rights.Builders must give reliable and realistic information about when the home will be finished, the date of legal completion and the date for handover of the home. If an unreasonable delay occurs in completing the home, the home buyer has the right not to go ahead with the purchase and have their reservation fee returned without deductions. The builder must also explain how contract deposits are protected and how any other pre-payments will be dealt with.

During occupation

The builder must provide an accessible after-sales service for the home buyer, together with information explaining what this service includes, who to contact, and information on any guarantees and warranties that come with the home.If the home buyer moves into a home where building work is still in progress on surrounding properties, they must be advised of any necessary health and safety precautions they need to take.The builder must have processes in place to be able to handle and resolve any complaints that buyers may have after they have moved in. Preferably before occupation, the builder should advise the home buyer of who to contact in the event they have a complaint, as well as providing written information about the independent dispute resolution service operated under the Code. 

Click here for more information about the Consumer Code 

Customer Charter

To help you to settle in to your new home smoothly, our Customer Care Service Team will contact you within seven days of your completion date and again when you have had your keys for 4 weeks.

If you need an answer to a question or query, or you need to report a fault or warranty issue, we will happily deal with this by telephone or email. 

Please contact our Customer Care Department to report any issues, rather than the site manager or sales staff. This allows us to monitor all aspects of the works required to ensure the highest quality of service.

The Customer Care line is open;

Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 4.30pm / Friday 9.00am-4.00pm the line closes for lunch at 12.30pm and re-opens at 1.30 pm each day.
Customer Care contact number – 01325 370900
Out of hours emergency number – 01207 503293 

Emergencies: The following are classed as an emergency.
•    Complete failure of the heating system.*
•    Complete failure of the hot water system or both heating and hot water. *
•    A water leak which cannot be contained.
•    Complete failure of the electrics. *
•    Blocked drains.
•    Lock not working on ground floor door.
•    Alarm system not working.
•    Roof leaks – if this is caused by storm damage please call your building insurance company in the first instance

Please Note that Health & Safety regulations prevent any work on a roof during adverse weather conditions or in darkness.
*Before reporting an Emergency, please ensure the issue is not due to a local power cut or gas failure.

When will it get fixed? 

If you report a standard job (standard job is anything which is not an emergency which requires labour only) and providing we can agree access, we would expect to complete these works within 15 working days. 

If parts or additional material are required, we would expect to complete the job within 30 working days of the replacements being dispatched to us. 

Should our suppliers advise us of any delay in obtaining the materials we require we will contact you and advise you of this.
Working days consist of Monday – Friday between the hours of 8.30am – 3.00pm.

A note to landlords

Please advise your tenants of our contact number and emergency number, a copy of this charter should also be given to your tenant.Please advise your tenant if they should also report any issues they may have to you in the first instance, before contacting us.

Should a property remain empty for any amount of time, it is recommended that the hot water system is drained down and the water turned off, as this will prevent any significant damage should there be a leak whilst the property is unoccupied.

10 Year Warranty

Your Castle 10 new home warranty policy is insurance that is provided with your new Trivselhus by Esh home to add to your comfort and protection.

The policy is an agreement between you, the buyer, and Checkmate, that is entered into by the Developer (Trivselhus by Esh) on your behalf. It is based on the details provided to us by the Developer and by you if you are the first buyer.

If any of those details change, you must let us know as soon as possible, otherwise it may invalidate the insurance.
Certain words have specific meanings when they appear in this policy. These meanings are shown as ‘Definitions’ and appear throughout the policy in bold type.

You may only claim under this policy whilst you are the current buyer. You are not entitled to make or continue a claim under this policy once you have sold or otherwise disposed of your interest in the new home.

Your Cancellation Rights: You have the right to cancel this policy, however, we are unable to return to you any premium paid to us. Before you decide to cancel the insurance it is important to check with your mortgage lender that you will not breach any conditions of your loan. You may also want to consider whether cancellation could affect the ability of any subsequent buyer to obtain a mortgage.
The policy is only valid when it is accompanied by a Building Period Certificate or Insurance Certificate, or both as appropriate.

Summary of cover

Problems with new homes are rare, but should you need this insurance, it is important that you understand what is and is not covered. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you carefully read the policy wording, the definitions and conditions, the Certificates and any endorsements printed on them for the full details of cover. We have tried to make this as straightforward as possible by stating clearly in the policy wording what is and is not covered.

By way of summary and subject to the conditions and any endorsements printed on the Certificates, the policy protects you if your developer goes into liquidation or is made bankrupt against the loss of contract exchange deposit. It also covers the repair of certain types of damage caused by building defects in the first 2 years.

If the developer is not in liquidation or has not been made bankrupt, but nonetheless unreasonably refuses to meet its obligations within a reasonable period, we will help to resolve a dispute between you and the developer by giving advice about the extent of cover available under the Policy and the developer’s responsibility to rectify damage caused by defects. If we advise that repairs are covered by the policy but the developer unreasonably refuses to carry out the work within a reasonable period, we will pay for the work to be completed.

After the first two years and until ten years after the effective date on the Insurance Certificate, we will cover the repair of major physical damage caused by building defects in the original construction.

What happens if I sell on?

A Castle 10 new home warranty policy is automatically assigned to the new owner of a property if you sell on. The policy continues to run to completion of the term.

These are outline details only. Always check your policy for full details and your insurance certificate for any endorsements.

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